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Cembloc DryBloc TG4 22mm Tongue & Groove Flooring Board 1200mm x 600mm Full Pallet (41 Boards)

Full Pallet 41 x 22mm Boards

Reinforced Cement Fibre Board

Dry-Fit Screed Replacement

Thickness: 22mm

Tounge & Groove Fitment

Outstanding Thermal Conductivity

A1 Fire Rated

Dimensions: 1200mm x 600mm

£899.00 ex vat
£1,078.80 inc vat
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Full Pallet 41 x 22mm Boards

The Drybloc TG4 is an A1 fire-rated solution. Cembloc Drybloc TG4 T&G profile, reinforced cement fibre board, reinforced by natural minerals on both sides boasting an impressive loading capacity of 7kN/m² (max weight test rig could test). These dry-fit screed replacement panels offer minimal floor height and save on drying times when compared to traditional screeds.

Drybloc TG4 is exceptionally unique as it offers an outstanding thermal conductivity value 0.216 W/mK when used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems. Drybloc’s high density provides excellent airborne sound performance through many types of separating floors. It is a high-performing multipurpose building board that’s designed purposely to provide fireproof, acoustic and waterproof protection, with very high dimensional stability which makes it a high-performance alternative to Gypsum and Cement Particles for any construction type.

Drybloc TG4 is a superior flooring board with exceptional dimensional stability of (<0.19%) compared to alternatives such as chipboard, gypsum fibre and cement-bonded particle board.

Areas Of Use:
- Can be used in conjunction with routed insulation for (UFH) Under Floor Heating applications, 0.216 W/mK.
- Suited to both a timber joist and steel joisted floor.
- Can also be used as part of a build-up onto a Metsec style decking.
- Span joists at 450/600mm (Drybloc TG4 18mm/22mm).
- Wet screed replacement.
- Suitable for beam and block constructions.
- Access flooring.
- Raised terrace. 
- Mezzanine flooring (Drybloc TG4 38mm).
- Replace traditional-style timber floorboards.

Dimensions: 1200mm x 600mm
Fire Performance: A1 Fire Class
Side Profile: Tongue & Groove on all four sides
Span: Up to 600mm
Weight Per Board: 21.38kg

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