4 Tools You Already Have That You Need To Replace

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4 Tools You Already Have That You Need To Replace24th August 2018

Whether you’re in the trade or a dedicated DIY-er, everybody has tools that have been in the toolbox since they began. Sometimes it’s an old faithful, or just a tool that you don’t think you’ve used enough to get a new one.

Nevertheless, just like every other piece of equipment that has had heavy use, your tools can and will need replacing every now and then. Safety and common sense dictate that an overused tool should be replaced, but sometimes, technology simply improves to the point that you’re missing out an a much better product.

The Northants Tools team are all industry professionals, and as a result we’ve experienced the downsides of outdated or old equipment. Here’s what we think you should be changing, if you’ve still got one in your toolbox.


NiCd Powered Tools

When it comes to cordless power tools, there are a few ways that they are powered. Many tools from recent years are powered with a Nickel-Cadmium battery, a rechargeable form of battery that was reliable and handles high temperatures well. Nevertheless, NiCd batteries are amongst the hardest to charge, as they can overcharge and wear out the battery quickly. If you have a NiCd powered tool, consider upgrading to a more reliable Lithium-ion powered tool.


Your dull saw

Saws are put through a lot, so it’s not surprising that they might become dull or broken. Make sure there are no chips in the saw, and that when you use it there’s no tearing or burning of the material. If it’s difficult to use, it’s a far less safe and effective tool, and you should consider replacing it with a newer product.


Old drill bits

Your drill bits will be wearing down faster than you may think. It shouldn’t be shaking, cracked or overheating when you use it, nor should it be getting harder to use effectively, so if you’re experiencing this then it’s time to replace them.


Safety Equipment

If there’s anything that needs to stay at its most effective, it’s safety equipment. Gloves, face masks, filters and pads should all be bought new to ensure that they are able to protect you. If left for too long elastic can denature, fabric can become thin and plastic can perish, leaving the person using the equipment at risk.


Speak to us today for professional answers to any of your questions. Our friendly team will be happy to talk tools and make sure you get the best product for your needs.