Tile Adhesives: Essential to achieving the perfect finish

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Tile Adhesives: Essential to achieving the perfect finish2nd September 2019

Right across the board, tile adhesives are known for being easy to spread with a long working time, meaning you can adjust tiles into position with relative ease. Yet with so many different manufacturers and products to choose from, how can you make the right decision for your needs?

At Northants Tools, we’ve developed a huge range of ready mixed pastes and powdered adhesives, but whatever type you prefer to work with, there are certain aspects worth keeping in mind, and here are three very important considerations:


Choosing the right colour is of course incredibly important because it is going to play a pivotal role in the final look of your completed wall or flooring. White and grey are two of the most popular options, and typically when you’re using a lighter grout, you’d opt for white adhesive, and if you were using a darker grout, you may want to choose grey.

Setting time

Another important consideration – especially for professional tilers. With many top quality adhesives from leading brands, you’ll likely find ‘standard’ or ‘rapid’ setting times, but it’s always best to compare product specifications to find the best duration for your job. Of course, faster is not always best, and some complex projects may mean you’re actually much better off with a slower setting time, so the product you choose may be decided by the project you’re undertaking.


Another important term to look out for when choosing a tile adhesive is “flexibility”. In most cases, it’s certainly true tat the more flexibility you have, the easier the tiling job will be. For example, floor tiles may be under constant stress from foot traffic, but with the right adhesive bed, you’re able to reduce the chances of your new floor cracking. Some flexible adhesives are more specialist in delivering reduced movement, so it’s always best to read up about the features of each adhesive, whilst our friendly team is always on hand to help.