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Cembloc CemBacker 12mm Fibre Cement Tile Backer Board 1200mm x 600mm Half Pallet (41 Boards)

Half Pallet 41 x 12mm Boards

Highly Versatile Construction Board

Delivering Exceptional Fireproof & Waterproof Protection

Suitable For Floors (12mm)

A1 Fire Rated

Can Withstand Extreme Temperature Conditions

Please Note: Suitable for external use.

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£464.94 inc vat
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Half Pallet 41 x 12mm Boards

CemBacker, developed by CEMBLOC, is a highly versatile construction board that serves a multitude of purposes, including tile backing, plywood replacement, acoustic board and more. It is specifically engineered to deliver exceptional fireproof and waterproof protection for both walls (12mm) and floors (6mm). The board has been rigorously tested by leading tile adhesive companies and the world's largest manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain tiles, ensuring the highest quality standards. With an impressive strength of 105kg/m², it can support the heaviest tiles available on the market.

CemBacker surpasses traditional methods such as plasterboard and plywood, which tend to deteriorate and rot over time in wetrooms. It offers superior moisture and fire resistance, as well as remarkable dimensional stability. Unlike its counterparts, it remains unaffected by water, making it an ideal non-combustible, A1 fire rated solution that is UV stable and fully weatherproof. It can withstand extreme temperature conditions.

The CemBacker tile backer board is intelligently designed, employing a 6mm thickness for floors and a thicker 12mm version for walls. This specialised waterproof backing system effectively combats any potential negative effects of water during and after the tiling process.

Please Note: Suitable for external use.

Water Impermeability: Pass - No sign of watermarks on the opposite side after 24H test.
Thermal Conductivity: 0.216 W/mK.
Pressure Strength: 30 N/mm².
Tensile Strength: 10 N/mm².
Shearing Strength: > 345 KPA.
Pull Out: 850 N.
Water Absorption: <29%.
Wet Expansion Rate: 0.23%.
Heating Shrinkage Rate: 0.18%.
Density: 1350 kg/m³ (± 50kg).
Fire Propagation: Class “0” (<2) (BS 476-Part 6).
Fire Resistance: Class 1 (BS 476-Part 7).
Combustibility: Non-Combustible.
Reaction To Fire: A1.
Acoustic Rating (DnTw): Ranges between 46 db and 51 db.
Maximum Tile Weight: Up to 105kg/m².

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