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Cembloc FCB Fibre Cement Screws (Choice Of Size)

Specifically Designed For Fixing Cembloc Fibre Cement Board

Self Countersinking Head

Provides A Secure And Flush Finish

Pack Quantity: 200pcs

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The Cembloc FCB Screws are designed for fast and secure underlayment to the subfloor and wall installations. Its compact trim head allows for a flush surface and prevents floor coverings from settling in countersink recesses.

Specifically designed for fixing Cembloc fibre cement board to timber and thin sheet metal (max. 0.6mm). Self countersinking head for a secure and flush finish. The twin-cut point with a hi-low thread. Exterior grade coating for superior corrosion resistance in damp or corrosive environments, when compared to standard fasteners.

FCB 25mm Screw Recommended For CemBacker 6mm Boards.  8-9* Screws Per Board.
FCB 42mm Screw Recommended For CemBacker 12mm Boards.  8-9* Screws Per Board.

Substrates: Softwood, light gauge Sheet Metal, Cement Board
Pack Qty: 200
Head Type: Countersunk Wafer
Thread Type: High-Low
Feature 1: Ribs under the head for improved countersinking
Feature 2: Fixing to timber and thin sheet metal (max. 0.6mm)
Feature 3: Twin-cut for rapid “pick-up” and reduce torque
Feature 4: Organic plating withstands 1,500 hours in salt spray test
Feature 5: Fire Classification - A1
Thread Coverage: Fully Threaded
Point Type: Twin-Cut
Finish: Exterior Plus
CE Standard: BS EN 14566:2008
Inner Thread Ø d1 (mm): 2.5
Material: Carbon Steel
Driver Bit Size: PH2 (Phillips)